Education vs Experience

With out a doubt, people with a higher education make more money over their lifetime. According to, college graduates make about 1.2 Million dollars more in their lifetime that do those who do not attend college. So by those numbers, there is a direct return on investment that can be seen in the long run. This statistic can be ousted by those who over borrow for their education. The website goes on to say that return on investment significantly diminishes when one borrows extensively for upper education. But what is said for those who do not attended college? The four years not attending college can be saturated with employment and salary, without the overbearing cost of education. Those who don’t go to college can use their time to develop a skill, trade, or gain experience that can benefit their future as well. They can use their money that they have saved for those years to invest in a business or in realist ate that can provided a lucrative future. Not to mention the skill and experience they can gain in those four years can add up to a very impressive resume. According to the Princeton review,, employers are increasingly looking for experience over education in the job market. In certain fields four years of in the business experience will beat out four years of educational experience every time. The object of the student these days is to not be completely saturated in education as the only viable option, but rather to look into gaining experience as well.    

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