Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

Like I said when I used to work for the leadership and management program called Collegeworks. In this experience sat down and interviewed with over 700 students from all ages and majors. The interviews were not to stifle through the UCSD population and single out the best candidates. They were recruitment interviews for sales and management positions. Recruitment interviews are different than traditional interviews. The purpose of them is to make the company, in this case Collegeworks, get as many hires as possible. The reason for this is because sales positions have an extreme turnover rate and the more hires a company gets usually the better it does that year. So basically I was a recruiter who was giving out interviews for an internship program. But the opportunity and the recruitment procces was not the interesting part of this post. The thing that intrigued me was the lack of students who are willing to simply go into and interview for an internship position. Out of all 700 students I sat down with about 300 I scheduled for interviews only 100 showed up and out of those 100 16 when through with it and got hired. I was baffled by the amount of students who blew off the opportunity to get an interview for an internship program. Most of the excuses to not get interviewed for the position were as follows: Im focusing on school right now, Im really busy with my fraternity right now, I cant work while im in school, and I have a girlfriend right now. I was very troubled to see that these students would use such lame excuses to not go into and internship interview. I believe this attitude towards school and opportunity is a terrible mistake. One should never let school get in the way of an opportunity.    


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