I want to work for a “Big Company”

In my experience as an interviewer, I was trained as a recruiter to relate how working for my company would correlate to the long term business goals that the student wanted attain. In my interviews, I would always ask the student what they saw themselves doing after they graduated and what they would want to do for a career. Many times is would get a very preconditioned response. The most common response I got was “well I would like to work for one of the Big firms/companies.” Most of the students didn’t even know what big companies correlated to their major. In my mind big companies such as Google, Maryl Lynch, Boeing, and Costco come to mind. These students dont seem to specify any company that they want to work for. I believe that this is a problem for students who want these careers. I believe if you are a fiance major you should know the big financial firms that are out there. If you are a psych major then you should know what the most prominent psych firms are in the area. And if you are a Communications major you should know what the main media outlets and businesses are in the area. Simply summing up your major and career by saying “I want to work for a big company” is not doing yourself justice. I believe that students often times do not set serious expectations of working in their field of choice. They display this by their lack of knowledge of local companies and businesses related to their major and decided to sum up their future career in the phrase of “big business.” 


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