UCSD students lack experience in the work force.

I have had the opportunity, the last two quarters at UCSD to do recruitment and interviews for the management and leadership program on campus called Collegeworks. This program teaches students how to run their own business and it is modeled around the industry contracting. I interviewed and did information sessions for about 600 UCSD students and what I found is that for the most part, UCSD students do not believe in working while in school and they are under the delusion that their degree at UCSD with give them all the skills necessarily to gain a six figure income right out of college. Many of the students that I asked for previous work experience said that they had never had a job in their life, even if they did have a job, it was most likely entry level and not related to their major. Many of them claimed that they want to run their own business one day, whether it was a law firm, psych practice, or restaurant. Yet they display no history of attaining a job in this industry or attempt to find a job in their so called “field” of study. I believe that this attitude towards glorifying education and undermining work is very dangerous for students. I believe that a student’s field becomes his or her field when he or she actually works in the industry, not simply pursuing a degree. These students who are about to be launched into the real world know little as to what to expect from an employer. In the real world there are no test that will be graded by nice teachers who are their to support you.You are on your own to follow tasks, solve problems, and generate revenue or service for the company you are working for. This attitude of no work experience and all school will not fly with an employer. 


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