With out a doubt, people with a higher education make more money over their lifetime. According to http://www.fastweb.com/financial-aid/articles/1507-is-college-worth-the-cost, college graduates make about 1.2 Million dollars more in their lifetime that do those who do not attend college. So by those numbers, there is a direct return on investment that can be seen in the long run. […]

In my experience as an interviewer, I was trained as a recruiter to relate how working for my company would correlate to the long term business goals that the student wanted attain. In my interviews, I would always ask the student what they saw themselves doing after they graduated and what they would want to do for […]

Like I said when I used to work for the leadership and management program called Collegeworks. In this experience sat down and interviewed with over 700 students from all ages and majors. The interviews were not to stifle through the UCSD population and single out the best candidates. They were recruitment interviews for sales and management positions. Recruitment […]

I recently had the pleasure of visiting my younger brothers college in Vallejo California, I was visiting him to watch a championship ruby game that he was playing in. He goes to the Cal-Maritime academy, which is a specialized trade school for those who want to go into the Maritime industries. As I toured the campus I […]

I have had the opportunity, the last two quarters at UCSD to do recruitment and interviews for the management and leadership program on campus called Collegeworks. This program teaches students how to run their own business and it is modeled around the industry contracting. I interviewed and did information sessions for about 600 UCSD students and what I found is that for […]